Making character portraits in the right sidebar bigger/two to a row?

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So I've been fiddling with my CSS for a bit now, and I've run into something I can't figure out how to fix. I've got a nice round border on my front page character and player portraits that I'm really happy with (inspired heavily by oMiCid's work on Les Compagnons d'Ailleurs). However, adding that border has made the character portraits a little small for my taste.

I found some code to increase their size in this old thread:

.sidebar-party-members .player-character {width:140px;}

.sidebar-party-members .game-content-image {width:130px;}

However, this code creates some new problems for me. First, the portrait thumbnails are low-resolution, so increasing their size makes them SUPER blurry. Second, rather than arranging the portraits two-by-two, the third portrait in any row just overflows onto its own line.

Long story short, does anyone have any suggestions for:

  • code to change the image source for the portrait previews?

  • code to override the standard "three portraits to a row" format?

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