New to the website and still getting oriented.  Should player comments be appearing in the Stream?  I'm finding it hard to find all the comments and replies to forum posts and adventure posts.  


  • Keryth987
    Posts: 991

    The Stream only displays new followers, modifications to pages, and I believe that is it. I don't use the campaign forums much myself, but I am positive that forum posts do not show up there

  • SkidAce
    Posts: 830

    I used campaign forums, and nothing from them ever showed up in the stream.

  • cgregory
    Posts: 779

    Neither forum posts nor adventure log comments appear in the stream. Typically, I track Adventure log comments and forum posts by getting notified by email of them. You can sort of track the adventure log comments by looking at the adventure logs list and seeing the number of comments and the date of the most recent comment.


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