I'm not a programmer, how can I get a Serenity character sheet available in the Characters section?


I've tried going through the forums, can't make heads or tails of what people are saying there, can't find what I'm looking for.  God forbid something like this should just be easy.  Anyone able and willing to offer some help please?





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    Hey GMStan,

    In order for a game system to have a character sheet, someone has to make a DST (dynamic sheet template) for it. The good news is, any user can make one. That bad news is, someone making one is based entirely on interest or necessity, so finding someone willing to make one might be tough, at any given moment.

    While it may seem intimidating, the skill level required to make one is not that high for a basic model sheet - and thus you can make one yourself with a little bit of work. The only things you need to have are some basic html and css (just like on your campaign page). The "programming" aspect of things only applies if you are looking to use javascripting to have the sheet do things like auto-calculate and such - but this is optional.

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    There's one other issue with making DSTs, the last activity for the DSTs was that no one was approving them. I want to say that's maybe a year ago more or less. I'm sure once the main issues with OP are sorted out by the support team, they'll address DSTs again, but I'm not sure what direction they will going concerning DSTs.

    Friendlypickle, you might want to find a fillable PDF for the character sheet you want and then just post them for each character. I did that for my New York Nightmare campaign and it works fine.

    The html to post a PDF is, <div class='oembed external-link'><a href='[website_location_of_pdf'></a></div>. I believe you can do it via a media file as well, but I've always just uploaded the PDFs to my personal website and linked to them there.


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