Update #4 - March 14th, 2018 - We're Hiring!


Hi Everyone!

As I’m sure you all know we are in need of someone who can help with community management, especially now that our technical team is finally in place. There have been several of you that reached out to us offering to help and we definitely appreciate that. We want to make an official request to those of you here that would be interested in helping us with Customer/Community Support, this would entail tasks such as but not limited to:

  • Moderating the forum and replying to posts when appropriate/directing posts to the help desk when needed, keeping it on an even keel, without any unnecessary drama. Encouraging people to ask questions, share their knowledge, engage new subscribers etc. 

  • Replying to support requests that come through the Zoho Helpdesk that are related to how to use OP, ensuring any tech questions go to the tech team side to handle.

  • Monitoring and replying to posts and questions on the social media channels (Facebook & Twitter), posting new and relevant content via these social channels, and looking for opportunities to encourage content creators to come forward.

  • Serving as a conduit between tech team, community and support to help us fill the gaps and get ahead and stay ahead of any general issues and look to add features, more support etc. Generally be a positive contributor and driver of what we need to do and how we can improve the site for everyone.

  • Help create a new FAQ center and develop the forum in more interesting ways.

We would like to start someone from the community who plays, preferably an active Ascendant Member, as being on the platform gives you insight to helping the people coming to it and to help us take it to the next level.

Shoot us an email with the subject "OP Job Opportunity" and we’ll connect with you for more info.

Thank you!


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