Update #2 - March 7th, 2018


Hi Everyone!

We have some good news, as of yesterday evening we signed on a top notch development team that will be working with us to help resolve the immediate issues that are currently plaguing campaign and character creation (the dreaded 500 error that keeps appearing), we suspect that our efforts here should also resolve the issues with tagging and search as well as the avatar uploads.

They just started tackling this today, so there was time needed to set up a staging environment, getting the credentials in place to access the staging server and all that other set up work. We have already been able to recreate the issue so now we're in the process of testing and fine tuning the server so that these issues no longer occur.

We are only working in staging at the moment but have made some great progress in identifying the issue, now we're in the process of trying different patches, once we have a solid fix in place we'll push everything live. 

Thanks so much for your patience in the meantime and we'll drop an update once we have more progress to share.

Constructive feedback and ideas are welcome.

Thanks again!


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