Overview of fixes from the last 60 days


Hey Everyone, 

I know that there hasn't been much activity in regards to communication on the forefront, I want everyone to know that this didn't mean we weren't paying attention. We wanted to share with everyone an overview of the challenges we ran into over the last 60 days and what we have done to help fix certain features.

1. An unexpected issue with async server, which has been fixed, but this had been causing an issue with background jobs such as billing, search, tagging, achievements and maps processing. This is the reason tags were intermittent or not working for some, and why maps took so long to process.

For those of you that appreciate more technical details, the problem itself was specific to one of gems called and the MySQL database. Due to the amount of delayed jobs, the gem was not able to process them all, and the MySQL server ended up blocking entries, we applied a code fix and updated the gem configuration to resolve this.

2. In addition to the functions above, the server also stores data related to wiki's and campaigns, so we increased storage space on the server so it has capacity for growth, and adjusted the search engine settings to handle the changes. We are periodically monitoring it to make sure there is enough space so that it continues to run.

3. Another instance of the server going down, which occurred twice last month, was related to a violation of our servers terms of use, related to content covered under copyright laws being hosted on the site. In addition to resolving this we upgraded to a new server size and generation with better security hardware.

4. In the last week we had intermittent services, this was due to a higher amount of traffic, we again increase our server size with higher amount of CPU capacity, plus adjusted the server configuration to handle the growing traffic better.

I hope these details help to shed some light on what the last 60 days has been like, if anyone has any feedback, suggestions on how we can continue to improve the technical infrastructure we are open to listening.





  • JAffolter
    Posts: 1

    Still can't edit wiki

  • JaneFury
    Posts: 1

    I am not able to post an update to our Adventure Log.

    For one thing, the screen in which to input the bulk of the text is collapsed to just three lines high, making it challenging at best to edit.

    But clinking on the "Character Link" button for a highlighted name within the text produced nothing. 

    We are so very deep into this campaign (10 and a half years!) -- the number of challenges we've experienced keeping the OP updated are so unfortunate. 

  • joeschmoe998
    Posts: 73

    @JaneFury, the editing box is resizable, just look for the 3 bars like a triangle in the bottom right hand corner of the edit box and resize it as needed.

    You can, at least until the linking issue is fixed, do a manual link like this:

    [[:slug | what you want the link to show ]] NOTE the Colon before the slug (you can get the slug if you edit the character.

    It's time consuming,especially if you have a lot of links to create, but it works. Wiki links and adventure log links work similiar except there is no Colon, and no slug, use the name of the page.

  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 2,807

    Make sure you are submitting tickets for the issues, as they have requested @janefury @joeschmoe998 @jaffolter

    Just trying to help out.  Changed name from killervp to Gaming Megaverse to match other sites.

  • joeschmoe998
    Posts: 73

    Since the fixes that were put in last week, my site has been good to go. smiley

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