Yeah. I have a suggestion for a new feature. 

Navigation that doesn’t give 502 errors every other week. 

You have the word portal in your name and all we’ve gotten for our money this year is bad gateways. Or at least change your name to 502Portal or something. I feel like that would bring this a little closer to being the ultimate destination for tabletop gamers. 

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  • OPAdmin
    Posts: 52

    Hi Lwitherspoon,

    Thanks for your suggestion and we appreciate your patience with us as we worked through these issues. The server errors should no longer be plaguing the site, you can get a full update on the details here:


    Thank for being a part of OP!


  • Lwitherspoon
    Posts: 21

    I see that now. Thank you for weathering the sarcasm. After much frustration, i found the whole thing humorous. But the frustration came from being nearly lost without the use of OP. 

  • OPAdmin
    Posts: 52

    We're glad you appreciate us so much that you felt nearly lost without us, we won't let you down again! 

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