Removing Right hand menu/Column on certain pages


Good Evening, 

I've currently figured out how to remove the RH column and resize the 'main content column' on all pages. But I was wondering if there was a way of doing this on all pages except the Adventure Log page. 

I'll be honest I don't have any real understanding of CSS so any help would be appreciated. 






  • weasel0
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    Off the cuff I'd say no as its called as its own element that once hidden in CSS will always be referred to as such unless one can figure out how to reference it on a per page basis and list adventure page as shown then list as hidden. Or that might be the other way around. I forget the hierarchy. It's been a while.

  • Bortas
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    the right hand column is #sidebar. So for example, you'll want series of css calls:

    .item-show #sidebar {display: none}
    .wiki-page-show #sidebar {display: none}

    Code may not be totally accurate, it was completely off the cuff.


    Morwindl - Rising Tide

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