Starting up a Legend of The Five Rings 4th ed game Looking for players Sundays 10am (GMT -8)


Rokugan is a place of mystery and wonder, inspired by the lore of legends from Feudal Japan and other lands of the far East.  A magical world controlled by the Samurai caste, This a land of magic where dragons, kami, and oni exists.  This land has danger that lurks in the dark, ninja are a feared myth, and region of the world seeps with an evil essence.  This is the Legend of the Five Rings.  Players take the roles of protagonists destined to leave their marks in the land.

          I am looking for mature players willing to immerse themselves in a setting where western philosophy and ideologies are foreign.  This is a game that the wrong words or action could cost a person the lives of their spouse, children and selves.  Here honor is one of the most important aspects of life, and a person has to concern themselves with not only their personal honor but more importantly the honor of their family.  Unlike many role-playing games combat and politics are very lethal.  Do you have the ability to actually "role-play" in a world who places import on ideals that are not the norms of your real lives?

         This weekly game requires players who can commit to regular on time play.  They must be respectful of everyone who participates at all time both in game and outside of the game.  Bullying and discrimination will not be tolerated.  If you love to role play, are mature, can dedicate your time and energy to create an epic campaign and have an interest in Eastern Feudal mythology, they may be a great fit for you.


          The game I am running is called The Lotus.  This is a mystical fantasy game set in a world that draws greatly from the Feudal Japan era, as well as several other Far Eastern civilizations around the same period.  The game includes magic, non-human creatures, the spirit realm, etc.

The character creation system is pointed based.  Starting Attributes called Rings (and Traits) begin at 2 (this is average, each statistic has a normal range of 1-5; 1 is poor/ noticeably below average) and 3 is noticeably above average, a 4 is what gifted individuals would have while a 5 is the human maximum possessed by a relatively small amount of people) but the players choice of family and profession will adjust their Traits and possible a Ring.  The profession will provide each player with stating skills, Honor Rating, and equipment (called an outfit).  Players will have an opportunity to take some advantages/ disadvantages (which provides extra points; limited) and points to modify their character.  All choices will be subject to GM approval.  Other Campaign types will have different restrictions see below.

This game like all games is not for everyone, and the role-playing will require each player to more than likely step out of their rpg comfort zone, at least if they have never played a game that puts so much emphases on Honor, Bushido, and the Celestial Order (more of the clan and families than the character).  The combat is severely dangerous where one fight could mean the end of your character no matter what their experience.  Failure may also prove to be fatal depending on the situation, the clan, the lord, etc.  Won’t to try something new?  Let me know and you will be able to begin to learn more about this world and prepare for the clan and character each of you will make.

The Campaign

 Players have all recently been assigned to work for a young and relatively new Emerald Magistrate Kakita Mayoko. The Start date of the Campaign is the year 1019, the 1st day of the month of Doji.  Your characters have recently arrived at Kyuden Ikoma a city within the Lion Clans provinces.  Not any of you know what to actually expect, but from what you have heard Kakita Mayoko is a courtier of the Crane, who once left a good impression at the Court of Kyuden Seppun.  It is a great honor to work for someone like her.  You've all heard tales that she also happens to be one of the most attractive women in the realm, which must be a difficult title, since everyone has heard the Crane has such an assortment of beautiful women within their clan that ever emperor has married a Crane.  That or their manipulative actions in the courts is the underlying reason each emperor calls a Crane mother.

Magistrates operate with the authority of the Emperor through the leadership of the Emerald Champion Doji Satsume, the Champion of the Crane.  Emerald Magistrates are responsible for dealing with many types of crimes throughout the Empire, as well as collecting the Imperial Taxes.  What Kakita Mayoko well be doing and thus what assignments you take are still to be determined.  That is if you make a good enough impression for her to receive you.  To not be received would be a great dishonor to your Clan and Family.  You each hope not to stain your family's name.


Interested?  Please contact the GM for more information.



  • JaymesBolton
    Posts: 278

    What format are you running this game in? PbP, a website, in person? Depending on how I might be interested 


    Also you are welcome to any of the stuff on my L5R changing history website. I ran in 1st then transferred to 3ed edition. Game is completed now just need to put my transcripts in my adventure logs at some point 

  • Rigsbro
    Posts: 1

    This sounds very intense. I think that your idea is awesome. Where are you going to be holding the game? 

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