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  • Cadence73
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    Hello everyone.

    Just started a campaign here for an ongoing gaming group that is beginning a new chapter. Played D&D as a kid, but when 3.0 came out, I decided to bring back the good old days, and I've been running a regular game ever since. Moved from Orange County, California to Everett, Washington in 2004 for the adoption of my son, and been playing up here ever since.

    Good gaming!
  • FemmeLegion
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    Hello! Envy for the Everett location (I spent three summers in the area for what is now the Soundsation Jazz Camp).
  • Ze_Game_Meister
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    Cadence I have a game tabletop Only War game running that you would be welcome to try out. We play in the Tacoma-ish area though. Doors open though if youre interested.
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