[FIXED] Strike through text

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  • gull2112
    Posts: 9
    I am trying to copy large amounts of text from a word document to my site. I get a lot of gobbledy gook and then the text appears and it is all struck through.
    Is there a way to fix this? I don't want to have to reenter all this text.

    Thank you!
  • gull2112
    Posts: 9
    I found that if I copy it to another wiki first and then copy just the text to where I want to put it the second copy is clear.
  • ryan
    Posts: 126
    You using our WYSIWYG editor or our Textile editor. We've recently update our Textile editor and it's much better than the WYSIWYG, so I'd suggest giving it a go. But yes, Word puts a ton of junk into it's document and can be a pain to clear.. I suggest simple text files from Notepad (Win), TextEdit (Mac), or gEdit (Linux). Just keep a Textile markup reference nearby and you can set up your wiki's offline.
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