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I have been trying to figure out a way to turn off autoplay for an embedded audio file.

For context, I have uploaded the audio file to Obsidian Portal, where pictures are uploaded, and then used the "Link Image" button on the wiki page to link the audio file. The link then applies the classes .oembed and .cloundfront-audio to the code and, when the page loads, it seems javascript runs and replaces that div and link with an iframe tag and a video tag to host the audio file.

It's actually all great and works awesome on the page! The only thing is it autoplays the file on my desktop computer (my phone does not autoplay it). I want to have a different audio file autoplay on the same page eventually and have this one default to not autoplay.  I would also like to be able to autoplay an audio file on the phone but I don't know if that is possible. 

tldr: How do I control whether autoplay is on or off for embedded audio files?


  • Toejam08
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    I found a way around it but if anyone has a suggestion as to just change the autoplay setting, please let me know. 

    Basically what I have currently done is changed the .cloudfront-audio class to .cloudfront-video

    The video class does not inject an autoplay attribute to the video tag it creates.

    This changes the way it looks though and I had to add a second class .music and custom css to squish the video player down to just show the controls instead of a blank screen.

    Basically this was the CSS that I used to shape the video player it creates:


    .oembed.cloudfront-video.music {

        margin: 30px auto;

        height: 38px;

        overflow: hidden;


    .oembed.cloudfront-video.music video {

        margin-top: -210px;



    You can see the results here: http://grandbeginning.obsidianportal.com/wikis/the-graveyard

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  • Abersade
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    Oddly enough I've been trying to do the exact opposite as you, I wanted an audio file to autoplay and wasn't having much luck getting it working. It never occurred to me to do as you did, now it's working the way I wanted it to. Thanks!

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  • SkidAce
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    It still autoplayed for me at the link you provided.

  • Toejam08
    Posts: 11

    SkidAce, I have added a second track that I intended to autoplay with the original down the page that does not autoplay.

    Abersade, I'm glad I could help you!

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