Looking to fill one seat in DC


Our group is looking to replace a member who was just spirited away by lawyers. Something about needed to go to law school to become one of them... oh well.

Our group is called RealmQuest, and we're based in Washington, DC. Looking to fill one seat with someone who'd like to jump into a high level campaign that will probably take about a year to conclude, before we roll up new lowbies, and start over from Level 3.

We play about every other Sunday, from noon to 6 pm. We schedule game Sundays using doodle, to try to pick dates that work for everyone. We're playing DnD 3.5E, Forgotten Realms campaign setting, but we'll be shifting to Pathfinder at the start of the next campaign.

Our group is a bit of a sausage factory, but not by design. We don't care if you're a guy or a gal - just that you're based in the DC metro area, and you like to play a game that's got a deep story, and is about 50/50% combat/storytelling. Some DnD experience is preferred, but not essential. We've got a few DMs, and we rotate through them, each doing an arc of about 3-10 games, before we switch off. We're not looking for DMs specifically, but if you like to do that too, you can join the rotation. I mostly mention it here because, in our group, a player can expect to experience a range of DMing styles.

Our group is stable and low drama, and we'd like to keep it that way. If it matters to you, the age range is wide, from 20s to 50s. A wide range of experience too; as some have played with us for more than 5 years, while others barely more than 1 or 2. So we believe that anyone would feel welcome here.

We run a fairly modern game, using Obsidian Portal, Roll20, GoogleDrive, and Doodle. Some meet together to play, and others Skype in - so you would have to own a laptop - but we can teach you the rest.

If interested, just reach out. My name is Adam.

RealmQuest Gaming Group of DC

Games held every 2-3 weeks on Sunday (noon to 6 pm), with rotating DMs

  • We use Roll20 virtual gaming table, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, ObsidianPortal, other modern gaming tools

  • Currently playing D&D 3.5, but will switch to Pathfinder ~2018

  • Must be DC-based, light player experience preferred; no DMing experience required

  • If interested, email Adam at [email protected] (and put "RealmQuest" in the subject line)


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