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At a cursory glance, I haven't seen this mentioned as a feature request...

What I would like is, when creating a new Calendar Event, the ability to set a limit for the number of available spots (i.e. a limit to the number of potential attendees). These spots would be consumed on a first-reply basis. Once the number of players who responded as "Attending" was equal to the limit of spots available for that Calendar Event, those replying "Attending" would receive an email response letting them know that the session was full. If a player later changes their status to "Not Attending," others would then be able to consume that spot again.

The driver for this is that I am running an open-table game, and I increasingly have far more players than I can reasonably accommodate at once. As such, I'd like to set a limit (e.g. 6 attendees), and have the first six positive respondents be listed as Attending the session...make sense? Or does this need further clarification?


  • Mark_DM
    Posts: 4

    I second this. I would love this feature. (I was kind of hoping it existed already).

  • JeremyRyan
    Posts: 2

    I would also appreciate this. Or at the very least, some indicator of the order in which people signed up (maybe a timestamp?), so I could tell people they weren’t in the first 4 slots (for example) and hence are on the waiting list.

    I’m running an open table too and can’t use the calendar in its current form because of the above.

  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 2,997

    This is a great idea!

    Just trying to help out.

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