Emailing Forum Updates...


I'm sure it is intended that when you or your players make a forum post / reply, that it should be possible to selectively notify the other players via email.  Something along the lines of the checkboxes at the bottom of the wiki page creation/edit forms.  In fact there is an "Email all" checkbox at the bottom of the reply form, but when you don't see the individual player names for finer grain control, except when you check that box then there is a little peak-a-boo moment where an animation shows the list of characters, but then slides a button over them.  When you originally create a new thread there isn't even the Email all button.

As I said, I think this is intended capability that is just currently not working, and I didn't know where to tell folk.  Please fix this as I want to use the forums as a way to communicate in-game information to specific players, but without spamming everyone.


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