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I'm sure it is intended that when you or your players make a forum post / reply, that it should be possible to selectively notify the other players via email.  Something along the lines of the checkboxes at the bottom of the wiki page creation/edit forms.  In fact there is an "Email all" checkbox at the bottom of the reply form, but when you don't see the individual player names for finer grain control, except when you check that box then there is a little peak-a-boo moment where an animation shows the list of characters, but then slides a button over them.  When you originally create a new thread there isn't even the Email all button.

As I said, I think this is intended capability that is just currently not working, and I didn't know where to tell folk.  Please fix this as I want to use the forums as a way to communicate in-game information to specific players, but without spamming everyone.



  • robo40
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    Did this ever get addressed?  Right now I make a blank forum post to start, then respond with content so everyone gets it.  Is this working as intended?  Thanks.

  • thaen
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    Hey @robo40,

    There have been some changes to the Notifications since that post (the specific logins that will be notified don't hide anymore), but the part about "selecting who gets notified when creating a new thread" hasn't been changed yet.  Thanks for bringing it up again!

    Currently, the first forum thread post is sent to anyone that has checked "Prefer to receive notifications on ALL forum posts?" in their Profile.  This checkbox is checked by Default when a new account is created, so unless that user has purposefully unchecked it, they will currently be notified by email.  The author of the thread/post doesn't get notified, since they know what they posted.

    That said, it does seem like the author of a new forum thread should be able to pick and choose who gets notified about a new thread, and I don't *think* that will be too hard to do, so I'll add this to the dev list and see if we can get it done.  No promises until it's deployed and live though.

    Again, thanks for bringing it up!




  • thaen
    Posts: 217

    @robo40, the feature to choose who gets notified by email about a new Campaign Forum Thread is now live.  Let me know if you see any issues.

  • ras_kcir
    Posts: 6

    Hooray!   Thank you!

  • thaen
    Posts: 217

    Happy to!

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