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Hi there,

I am looking for a narrative focused group, or ongoing campaign, running on Fridays at GMT 21:00 till (at max) Saturday GMT 2:00 .

I guess at this point you could call me a seasoned role player, I started with a podcast group called Steam Steel and Murder during university and have been both a player and GM ever since. I enjoy a plethora of games and value both more traditional systems such as D20 and DnD along with modern rules light games such as Fate, PDQ, Quags and simple home brews.

Recently my regular group has abandoned our Friday time slot and that has left a gap in my schedule I would like to fill. In games I like to play interesting characters over competent characters, in a DnD game I am that person who really wants to make X prestige class work and have fun interacting with others while doing it. While in something like Fate I tend to prefer playing the Dr Watson to someone else's Holmes.

I am a forceful personality and tend to find I play best when supporting another character as I enjoy failing as much as winning so long as the story twists and turns with such events.

If anyone has a slot for a person with a terrible British accent during the times of 21:00 GMT and 02:00 GMT Friday-Saturday on skype, team speak or any other VOIP, let me know what kind of game you're running, what tone you want to set and if you have any recorded games I can listen to to get a feel for your style of game.

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