Looking for a new player or two for a weekly game on Long Island



We are looking new players to replace a couple that have moved away. The game takes place at Legendary Realms on Saturdays (Lindenhurst, NY), starting at 2:30 and going to about 7:30. The campaign has been going on for a while and has quite a history, with the most recent arc starting a few weeks ago. Set in a gritty feudal medieval fantasy world ala Game of Thrones, The Briar King, Black Company, Name of the Wind, etc. We are beta testing a set of custom rules ATM. 

If interested, check out our campaign page. Have a look at the wiki and the adventure log. If you like what you see drop me a line.



  • Bladorthin
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    Just a quick update. We have gotten one player, but are still looking for one more. If you have any interest, please PM me.

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