Looking for Player near the Deleware Memorial Bridge, NJ

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Looking for a Player with a flexible schedule within 30ish minutes of the Jersey side of the Delaware Memorial Bridge (Pennsville, Exit 1 is our location). I'm one of a group of GM's in our group (6 but usually only 5 or less can make it on a given week, making 3-5 players at a time), and some of our players can only play for a limited time. We usually "play" around 7-8 hours, but that's counting all of the sidetrack conversations get off on. We're mostly young guys, (Youngest is 20, oldest is 30). Our schedule isn't set in stone as many of our players have part time jobs, and thus different schedules every week. We play all kinds of systems and settings; currently have D&D 5e, Deadlands: Reloaded, Star Wars, Elder Scrolls, and Shadowrun games ongoing, with a few more side sessions here and there of others. Please let me know if you're interested, and hopefully you can join our group.

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