Making Character Pages look the same as Front Page

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Hi there. I don't like the formatting of the website once you click on a character's name.

It suddenly becomes zoomed in and large and obnoxious LOL

I attempted to use 

body.character-show #content {max-width: 53%;}

But that doesn't work well. On my screen it was a close match to the layout of the "Characters" listing.

Basically I'd like each Character Page to have the same size as the Character List. Even if seen on a mobile device or on a smaller screen. Can this be done?

(I'm a newb with CSS, I just copy and paste from other websites and forum posts)

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  • DMCain
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    LOL Nevermind I did it with:

    body.character-show #content {max-width: 1024px;}

    I'll leave this in case someone else needs the help doing this.

  • Johnprime
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    Thanks for posting the fix DMCain!


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