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After a long and fruitful time at Obsidian Portal we have decided to move to another platform (a custom MediaWiki). I'll still use obsidian portal for other campaigns such as Star Wars, but the main Pendragon campaign has grown too large to easily manage the vast amounts of information it has grown into. The custom CSS became difficult to handle, and it was hard to manage and update.

I want to give thanks to all our fans and this great community. You inspired us to greatness and it was exiting and fun to read comments and to have the honor of being named Campaign of the Month. We'll be missing the community. 

If anyone is interested, our new page can be found at

Oath of Crows


  • GamingMegaverse
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    Good for you!!  I moved a long time ago, and the only thing I miss is the community!

    Just trying to help out.  Changed name from killervp to Gaming Megaverse to match other sites.

  • Johnprime
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    Sorry to hear that you've had to move on to something else due to lack of activity by the powers that be here on OP, but good that you've found something else!

    I was making my own websites for my game before I found OP, OP is a big time saver for me, but if something happens, I can always fall back on those websites.


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