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So, I have no coding background what so ever. I'm an elementary school teacher. I would like to make character sheets, a crew sheet, and faction tracker (I'm sort of assuming that DST is a coding specific term that a char sheet would fall under?) for Blades in the Dark that looks like the base sheet.

Can anybody give some advice where to start learning how to do this? I know there is some sort of developers kit, but having a bunch of tools doesn't help when one still needs to learn the basic skills. I'm not sure what language(s), etc, I need to find tutorials on, so I guess I'm asking what should I learn, and are there any good free resources for doing so?

While I'm at it, do the sheets one makes for OP have any link to making one for Roll20? Or are they two totally different beasts in terms of coding?


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    Your DSTs are made using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript mostly. You'll want to check out the DST developers kit that you mentioned as it will give you information as to what you need to do to develope the DST.

    What I would suggest is to get a hold of a program called MAMP, which lets you run a webserver on your local computer fairly easily, it is available as a Mac or Windows version. Once you have MAMP stalled and running, start looking at coding HTML pages. Once you're somewhat comfortable with coding straight HTML pages put the DST kit into the MAMP directory structure. For coding the HTML and CSS, you can use Notepad on Windows and a similar program on Mac, don't know any of them off hand as I don't code on a Mac anymore and it's been years since I even used one.

    The tutorial that you'll want to read for creating a DST is,

    Once you've read the tutorial, go out to GitHub and grab the developer's kit, You'll want to download the devkit files in zip form. Expand them on your hard drive and then place them in the MAMP htdocs directory. You can either drill down into the devkit directory  and move those files, or move the devkit directory into the htdocs directory. If you move the devkit directory, you'll need to open the index.html page in a browser to see it work.

    Once you've got the coding done for your DST, the link to create a DST for OP is,

    I know I've thrown a lot at you right from the start, so if you've got questions, I'll try and keep an eye on this thread to answer them for  you.

    I'm pretty sure that OP and Roll20 are two different beasts.

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