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Hi all,

I'm very interested in running a Dungeon World campaign as an exercise in collaborative world building. I'm hoping to find a group of players that are keen to explore a new world and contribute to it's richness. Are you one of them?

You don't need to have any experience with Dungeon World, I'm confident that will sort itself out. As long as you are willing to improvise, to contribute ideas, and mature enough to give everyone the space to do the same. If you're interested, please post below and give me some idea of what kind of game you're looking for. Also, if anyone would want to co-GM, that'd be ace as well. 

I intend to run the game sessions on Roll20 and use Obsidian Portal as reference/log for this campaign

About the World

Not much set in stone, I very much want to Play to find out, but here's a few bullet statements I'd put on the board:

  • Low to mid-fantasy

  • Technology up to renaissance, not beyond

  • One world, rather than planar travel

  • Depending on number of people interested could go for a West Marches style of approach

Also - at least to start with- I'd rather not see evil player characters. Perhaps, if everyone feels comfortable with it and people are really keen, we could look into that later. 

Practical Details

Timezone: European evenings

Frequency: Bi-weekly or weekly, depending on schedules

Video: Not required

Microphone: Required

Language: English

About Me

Age: 45

Nationality: Dutch

Roleplaying experience: Started in approx. 1985 with D&D and AD&D. Have since played Megatraveller, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, Runequest, Gurps, Pathfinder, Apocalypse Word and Pendragon. I'm sure I missed some. Recently been running a Pendragon campaign ( and playing in a new Pathfinder campaign for which I'm in the process of setting up the portal (

So if you're interested, or any thoughts & suggestions, just post below!

GM: - a Greater Pendragon Campaign

GM: - a Dungeon World Campaign

Player/Scribe: - a Pathfinder Campaign

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