Looking for IRL Players - Chicago


So conversations with my (depressingly) younger tenant about gaming have got me itching to play/GM some games again.  I haven't played RPGs in many years because.... Life.  You know how it is.  But interested in getting a group together in the Chicago area.


Background: Player since 1990.  GM since around 2000.  Former GM and Convention Coordinator for FanPro (Shadowrun).


Preferably Chicago Proper.  I can host at my place in Avondale (Belmont & I-90/94).  But I could do the burbs on the weekends.


Preferably Shadowrun 4th edition.  I don't like the 5th mechanics, but I'd be open to using 5th story information.


Alternatives, in order of preference: Aeon/Trinity, World of Darkness (old school), Obsidian (great little post-apocalyptic game), Earth Dawn, D&D 3rd, Pathfinder, Fuzzy Heroes (you know you want to).


Shoot me a PM or drop a line here if interested.

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