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In most standard wikis, you can create subpages within a namespace - for example, if I wanted to make a part of the wiki called [[Artifacts]], I could make [[artifacts/alladin's-lamp]] and [[artifacts/alladins-ring]], so all the url's would cluster beneath a single pageholder.  Looking at documenation and other comments, it seems this is not possible, but wanted to verify before I put much more content on the site.


  • cgregory
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    The wiki here doesn't use namespaces other than the root. I haven't found the lack of namespaces to be an issue.

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  • alessandro_masi
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    I really think that a subpage listing feature would be a super positive addition, and just make organizing the various Wiki pages much easier. 

    I was using Google Sites before I switched over to Obsidian Portal, and I made heavy use of subpage listings. 

  • Notsonoble
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    This is old, but I would really like sub-pages. It's actually something I've tried to implement by hand on one or two campaigns with adding nav links to the top of several wiki pages. In my pathfinder games they wouldn't really improve much. However my starfinder game (and other games going forward) have pages that would make since to depend on each other. Especially if we also got some subpage navigation to go with it. The "See All Pages" button isn't great to be honest. 

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