Removed Tags (we don't use them in our campaign webpages)


How does one remove the Tags (graphic and word) from being used?

Further, why does the "Add Tags" always appear after a web page is saved? This happens even if I delete the words "Add Tags" from the Tags field when editing the web page. I have edit the page a 2nd time to click the X to remove the Add Tags from the live page.



  • Ghandi
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    There's not really a clean way to remove the input field when you're editing a new page, but you can stop tags from displaying on your live wiki and character pages using the following CSS (paste it into the Custom CSS area under the Advanced Settings tab, then save the settings):

    #wiki-page-quick-select-modal .tags, .tags {display:none;}

    .tags-list.inline-list.small-list {display:none;} {display:none;}

  • cgregory
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    You can remove the input field when editing a new page by using.

    .as-selections {display:none;}

    Removing all tags can be accomplished with div.tags (for wiki and adventure logs) and ul.tags-list for items and character tags

    div.tags {display:none;}

    ul.tags-list {display:none;}


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  • Krothos
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    Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for.


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