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  • redstar
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    So I was looking through some of the D&D 3.5e games (especially the plane hopper games) and thought of an interesting possibility: with how easy Obsidian Portal makes sharing DM resources and ideas (such as NPCs, items, maps, etc) has anyone considered doing like a cross-over game with their group? Think of it like if I DM'd Batman and Robin, and you DM'd Scooby Doo, and together we ran a game where both groups played a side-adventure game where they have to figure out who the ghost in the haunted house really is (damn those medaling kids!). I didn't have an exact idea of how the scenes would be run -- maybe all scenes with one group would be run by one DM and all scenes with the other group would be the other DM and maybe just figure out joint scenes?

    Anyways, I run a home-brew Forgotten Realms game on a quaintly little island of larceny, murder, drugs, thievery and political blackmail off the Sword Coast, if anyone is interesting stopping by. :)
  • FemmeLegion
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    Hah - Florimel does this in real space all the time, to much groaning and rolling of eyes.

    I'm not running anything and don't have the time for it, but my idea is that you could team up with somebody who wanted to run an evil campaign. They can be each others' main antagonists. =)
  • Fivegears
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    Actually, I had thought of this, too, Redstar; I may look over your campaign notes... don't be surprised if you see some logs where the patrons of Sir Horatio's show face in a city where your PCs have already caused chaos.
  • redstar
    Posts: 119
    Very nice. I'd be flattered. Part of the idea I was think of as well, was do have the two PC groups meet up or be involved with the same session. This of course would require some planning on behalf of the DM's including maybe the joint writing of the story, like order of events, etc. Then basically, one DM would make all rulings for one group, and the other DM would make all ruling for the other group.

    Druid Wrestling, maybe as part of the plane shift, the characters are suddenly transformed into 3.5e, or better yet, the Pathfinder RPG :)
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