DST losing information


I'm using the Chronicles of Darkness DST that I made by basically re-arranging one of ChainSawXIV's Exalted sheets. Players are now reporting that sometimes when they click save, most (but not all) of the 5-dot sections go blank. See https://the-contingent.obsidianportal.com/characters/eva-jimenez for an example (unless she re-adds the dots between now and then).

For the briefest second, it looks like the data is there on page load, then it blanks out. I've messaged ChainSawXIV, but figured I'd poke around here too for ideas


  • hades200082
    Posts: 15

    Don't hold your breath.  Even if the DST creator updates it there's currently no one approving them so you couldn't use the updated version.

  • barrelv
    Posts: 22

    Spoke with ChainSawXIV and I think he's addressed the issue. (this happened months ago, just now getting back to the forums)

    I haven't ran into any problems getting my updated DST sheets approved. It's never taken more than a few days...

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