Don't display secret character creation in event log!


Just started using this and it's very good but I've noticed that when I create a character and tick the box marked "is this character still a secret" the creation is still recorded in the event log. Fair enough only the name is revealed (but names can reveal a lot!) - please fix this!

Also it would be great to have the player character sheets kept secret from other players if requested - in my campaign the players have a lot of secrets so they have to be careful what they record on the character sheets.


  • cgregory
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    Not sure how you are creating your secret characters, but mine do not show up in the campaign stream. Not even the name, unless I save them as non secret initially.

    It is possible that the DST you are using causes that. But individual DST are not created by OP, they are fan created (in your case they were created by Jp12x)


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