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It would be really awesome if there was an option to print the character sheets.  Thanks.


  • UselessTriviaMan
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    Take screenshots and crop 'em, if you're that hard up. That's about the only option you're ever going to have here - Obsidian Portal isn't intended to be a repository for printable character sheets.

    There are already a lot of places online where you can get free printable character sheets.

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  • SkidAce
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    I think having the code from the sheets translate into something that would print properly would be a splendid idea.

  • cgregory
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    I might be able to whip together some css to make character sheets more printer friendly so you'd need an ascendent campaign since it is custom css. If i remember correctly there already is some code to make the site in general ;more printer friendly, but in reality it makes a mess of the character sheet.

    Generally, when i want to print a webpage and make it printer friendly i use the following website to convert the page.

    I think the main challenge is you have so many different possible ways of posting a character sheet. Html character sheets are going to be very different than DST character sheets.

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  • Bortas
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    I spent a lot of effort to make a "printable" css entry, for printing out 'content', not menus. It isn't perfect, and it doesn't tackle any custom CSS classes you have created, but its a far step better than OP look when you just hit print.

    /* BEGIN print styling - MUST BE AT END OF CSS*/
    @media print {
    .campaign-public-layout .top-bar,
    .campaign-public-layout .sidebar-party-members.module,
    .campaign-public-layout .stream-module-container,
    .collapsable-nav-row .front-nav-container,
    .campaign-public-layout #campaign-nav,
    .large-12 .columns,
    { display: none !important; }
    } /* END print styling */


  • abu_is_evil
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    This is a really great idea- thanks Bort!

    Just trying to help out.

  • Johnprime
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    Yeah Bort, thanks for posting that. I'll be able to be lazy and use your code instead! :-)



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  • cgregory
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    I think my preferred way of doing character sheets that are printable is to use embedded pdfs as character sheets

    Like this one


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  • jwhite68stang
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    A little perplexed that such a basic feature has been left off.  Would not have told my players to use OP for character sheets had I known, nothing like finding out the day of our first session.

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