exporting and importing map markers between map versions


We are playing a West Marches campaign and as we discover more of the world, the map becomes more visible and more fog of war is removed.  This means that between each new map version that is uploaded, we need to manually re-add the map markers.

Therefore to expedite things, can you add a feature that allows us to export existing markers from map version 1, so we might import those markers into map version 2?


  • abu_is_evil
    Posts: 139

    Advanced map editing was promised in the Reforge, "delivered" in 2013.

    Just trying to help out.

  • dagobah
    Posts: 3

    So this feature is already within "advanced map editing"?  If so is there documentation somewhere on how to make this happen?

  • SkidAce
    Posts: 687

    The feature is not available.  It was supposed to be delivered, hence abu_is_evil's quotes.

  • dagobah
    Posts: 3

    right, thanks for the clarification @SkidAce, @abu_is_evil!

    So then OP developers, I am guessing that I've placed this feature request into the right area of the forum.  Can you please indicate how i can watch and monitor this feature request to see if it makes it into a build?  As well is there a place where us users are able to vote on the request, so that you can atleast see how many think there's value in this feature?

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