Group LF2P D&D5e Monday/Tuesday Nights


Hi Everyone,

I realize this is a slight faux pas but my group is looking for two players to join our game. We have meet online and are most likely going to continue too but we'd like to organize the occasional in person session when schedules permit so any interested locals would be appreciated.

We are

  • Group of 4 seeking 2+ more individuals.

  • Playing D&D5e

  • Monday/Tuesday Nights at 7pm (UTC -8)

  • The game is a Space Western and SciFi Adventure.

  • The characters are 3rd level; current party is a Monk (Ship Muscle), Paladin (Ships Medic) and a Ranger (Captain of Ship).

Story Progress

Up until now, we've just been learning the system, role-playing, and getting a handle on understanding the setting so there's really not much to catch any prospective players up on other than our crew is currently docked at a spaceport and the crew went to meet with a contact working at "The Gentlemen Virtual Lounge" where we ended up getting suckered into trying out one of their virtual reality chambers and trying to kill each other (lol); new party problems.

The Game

Per player request, the GM has been kind enough to essentially run a Buffy/Firefly themed game and surprisingly no one has called dibs on the Slayer. lol.



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