LFP 1946 League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Campaign


My group and I, two players currently, are looking currently for 2 more players for my Adventures With the 1946 League of Extraordinary Gentlemen campaign.

This would be a online group that would meet 1-2 per week, EST around 10:30-11am on Sundays. We are all based in New England, USA. Casual group, I am not a very experienced GM but have worked on this campaign for awhile and im ready to share with a group looking for an engaging and fun campaign. 

In this campaign set in Alan Moore's universe where fictional characters from literature and film are real, expect lots of pulp fiction-esque intrigue: spy vs spy, karate, whiskey drinking, toppling international governments, love dramas, fascist dictators, gun battles in exotic locations, aerial dogfights, killer robots, bloodthirsty mystical creatures, & much more

Simple, modified d12 system based on the old DC Heroes rulebook. Action and also stealth heavy but with plenty of intrigue and storytelling in between.

League of Extraordinary Gentleman: 1946 Surrogate League







  • Darko_1
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    This is awesome!!  Would I have to choose a character from a book?

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