identifying classes of npcs

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  • outrider
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    There are getting to be a significant amount of npcs on the list. Perhaps they could be identified by class, so if I need a fighter, I can go to that list to read them and chose instead of looking at tall the entries.

    There are also an amount of new campaigns coming on the sites. I do enjoy looking at them even if Im not running the system for but I dont always remember what is new. Perhaps a start date for the campaign on your site would be useful, so it can be checked for interest factor
  • Micah
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    Are you talking about NPCs in the main characters list, or in a particular campaign's NPC tracker? The tracker has the tag filtering, which could help.

    For the main list, I would like to add tag filtering as well. It all depends on people actually tagging their characters, though.

    In addition, I would like to make it possible to do some complicated filtering so you could ask for things like this: "all characters between level 10 and 12 tagged with 'fighter'" That's why I added level as the little box on the character page.

    So, in short, it's on the list. It's nice to know that someone wants it, and it helps us prioritize things.

    Start dates for campaigns are a good idea. We track this in the database (ie. creation date), but we haven't found a good way to show it. We're working on some mockups and ideas of how to restructure the main campaign list to add more info.

    Thanks for the tips.
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