Online 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons Set in The Forgotten Realms (Looking for Players)


Hi there,

I am working on a storyline for a Forgotten Realms PBP game. This is the first time I have sought out players in this fashion. I plan to run this game  on a personal board. I am looking to see if there would be any interest from the lovely people here. I already have a few people willing to play, I am seeking to add to create a full party.


So I am guessing this is a sort of interest check ?


  • Jim_Mount
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    I'd be interested for sure -- the old NWN player in me has a softspot for the Realms. Is it casual PBP or do you have a set time?
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  • Keryth987
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    Which version of The Realms are we talking about here? 3rd, 4th, 5th?


  • talsharien_1
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    I have been looking for a pbp campaign and I like the realms. Definite interest here.

  • pedigosamuel
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    i'd like to join. name for discord is aaron

  • Shamsy
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    I am already in an ongoing online 3.5 campaign set in Waterdeep, but would be interested in playing another (I tend to DM most of the time).

    I have books for 3.5 and am most familiar with that system, books for 4th but remember little and have yet to try 5th.

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  • shapeshade
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    I would like to play... what's the next step? What character level? What class is needed/preferred?

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