How do you nominate a campaign for Campaign of the Month?


I don't see a way to nominate a campaign for Campaign of the Month and it wouldn't surprise me if members couldn't do it, they'd be nominating theirs all the time.  :)


  • Jim_Mount
    Posts: 162

    Truthfully, people don't nominate theirs too often, we've a pretty humble community I think. If you'd like to nominate a campaign, you can do so here

    The committee have a lot of nominations at present. Not to discourage anyone, be we've pretty exacting criteria. If you think a campaign deserves the spotlight, I'd recommend first taking a look at some of the previous winners, and interacting here with us on the forums. Its a good way to keep yourself on the radar, so to speak. And it couldn't hurt to put your campaign on the Review thread to get some constructive feedback from the community first. Good luck and welcome :)

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