Shackled City w/MapTools & Fantasy Grounds *Completed!*


Our 7-year odyssey is finally at an end! Our uber DND campaign, Shackled City, has finally wrapped up! Here is our page:

For anyone interested, we included download links to our PDF synopses (2 volumes). Preview:

As a bonus, we also uploaded the PDF of our homebrew DND 5E campaign setting, THE MIDDLE SEA, which will be the setting of our next campaign (with any luck, it won't take 7 years to complete):



  • Kallak
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    Downloaded the setting book, looks pretty cool at first glance... and huge too, tons of stuff to check out. Nice job.

    All the best,
    - Kallak

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  • abu_is_evil
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    Wow, quite impressive!

    Just trying to help out.

  • Johnprime
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    Will be bookmarking this! Looks great, lots of info to get through.

    Forgot to mention, cool that you did with MapTools. Been looking for people who used it to run a campaign!

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