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Hello! I'm looking for 2-3 more players for an online 4E D&D campaign set in the Astral Sea. Currently I'm running with a solid group of longtime companions, but time has made the ability for everybody to show up each week shaky, so I'd like some good folk to help fill in the gaps and ensure we have at least 3 players for as many sessions as possible.


Time: Sundays, 7:00 PM EST

Tabletop: Maptools ( as a backup)

Chat: Skype voicechat

System: D&D 4E

Current Level: 5

Site: On the Astral Sea (mostly just used for wiki)


This is a 4E game set on the Astral Sea. The party is in control of an astral ship they can use to traverse the strange celestial realms. The campaign itself is open-ended, though the party generally falls into a more straightforward plot every three levels (so far).


The mood of our games is pretty laid back. While RP has serious moments and characters, we're not above jokes at any time. I've known all the current players for at least two years, so we have an established camaraderie going at the moment that should keep things loose for newcomers. Usually we start the Skype chat a half hour early--giving us time to be late or talk up how our weeks have gone. If somebody has been gone for too long, I try to set up a "miniplot" of solo RP for their character to keep them involved.


Beyond having a handful of homebrew races, I am also tinkering with a set of homebrew ship combat rules. The ship combat rules we are going with are not designed to be realistic ship combat -- instead, the focus is on making sure players can effectively use their powers in ship combat without having to specialize in in special "ship powers." Ships act like solo creatures that can be disabled in three ways: destroying the ship's HP, killing off its crew, or slaying its commanding officers and causing a rout.

In addition to the homebrew, this campaign also allows new characters to gain a theme and backgrounds, and nearly all core content is allowed (with the exception of NPC races, which have to be approved).


Right now, the party has embedded themselves in an ongoing battle between the Eranitus Legion--a faction of errant crusaders--and the Coalesca Province of the tiefling empire, Daesus Turath. The party is docked at St. Telanis, a Legion fortress deep in Turathi territory, and their previous exploits have made them known to the masters of the keep. St. Telanis is full of loyal aasimar templar, cutthroat Freebooters (mercenary buccaneers), and stranded merchants who are beginning to question their life choices. Outside the Coalesca fleet arrays itself to defend its valuable demesnes, including a hellish quarry of duergar miners, an abandoned elf-home full of valuable timber, and the seven towers of Coalesca's Covenant of Blind Ministers. A mysterious smuggler is bringing dangerous goods into St. Telanis, a shadowy ship has destroyed the army's supply lines, and skulk slaves perform cloak & dagger tactics for their tiefling overlords. There is much work to do if the party even plans to confront the Duchess Coalesca herself!


Shazir (Brawler Fighter): A would-be paladin, Shazir's reckless attitude and hedonistic nature cost him his chance at prestige. Now, he works as a mercenary-for-hire. Though he is a social braggart and rake, in truth Shazir feels isolated from everyone around him. He has appointed himself as the captain of the party's ship (also named after himself), and so far no one's cared enough to object.

Erevan (Control Wizard): Stranded on Emer Aget for almost a century, Erevan was eventually found and recruited by the Cult of Many Legs for his expertise with the arcane. As the final hour came and cultists transformed into demons around him, Erevan's guilty conscience was too much, and he fled. He later met the party, helped stop the Cult, and stayed around as the team's mystic and arcanist. When he's not showing off his knowledge, Erevan spends his time tutoring Seiso, a young human with questionable magical talent.

Gene Eric (Aberrant Monk): Part of a party of raiders pilfering what was left of Emer Aget after the party left, Gene found the sword of the fallen hexblade, Ariana--and so inherited her curse. Compelled to find the party by the blade, he infiltrated their number as a member of the crew, and quickly established himself as a competent fighter in his own right. All jokes aside, Gene sticks out in a crowd, thanks to the aberrant mutation that deforms his orcish figure.

(For those interested in rounding out the party, there is currently a lacking in the Leader and Defender department--Shazir is more like a striker who requires a lot of healing.)


While I'm not a true grognard, I've been familiar with D&D since 1st edition--the son of a gamer mother. My first experiences with D&D other than reading material is over the internet, through forums, and later on through chats and teamspeak. By this point I've run two successful 4E games, and a few shorter Pathfinder games.

There will generally be 0-2 combat encounters per session, depending on time. While not a true "killer DM", I do have a habit of "Michael Bay-ing" things up, so combat can be unexpectedly tough at times.

I will do voices for different characters. I will stop mid dramatic moment to make a terrible joke. I will try to incorporate character elements into the plot, but it can take time. And if you want to try something crazy or stupid, I might not say no, but I will expect you to roll really well.


If you are interested in joining, please send me a private message, and I will provide you with my contact details.

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