Everett, WA Looking for Players (5th Edition D&D)

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Looking for players for my weekly 5th Edition D&D game that usually meets in Everett (sometimes Kirkland) Washington.  The game is ongoing and we've been running it for about a year but several players recently moved away at once and we're looking to replace them.  The game usually meets every Sunday from 12-5pm and even though I'm a very experienced DM, most of the players are semi-new and casual though I do have one experienced player in the game.  I'm looking for easy-going and fun individuals, experience levels aren't really an issue.  

The game is usually equal parts RP and combat depending on the player actions and situation.  The world itself is home-grown and I've been using different iterations of it for well over seven years.  I've been playing D&D (mostly DMing) for about 25 years.  If the game sounds like something you'd be interested in, email me at [email protected]  We're looking to fill the spots as soon as possible.

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