larger/standalone 'stream'


The stream that shows up on our dashbaord page shows the most recent 7 updates, but our DM often makes edits in blocks of 10-20 at a time on his "editing nights".

Can that bit of text have a link on the bottom that links to an "all stream" page, where you show the entire history of the campaign edits newest-oldest (and maybe with pagination, but that's a secondary request).

As it is now, if there's been a bunch of edits/updates all at once, I basically have to go through all of the characters, wiki entries, etc, just to find out what's been updated and/or added.

If this is too much work, maybe just a view that shows all of the Wiki/Character pages with a last edit/update date on them to let me see which ones were edited since our weekly play session, etc.


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