Star Trek: Lionheart


Star Trek, Lionheart is a systemless pbp/pbem rpg that takes place in the original Star Trek universe, we have ended our first adventure and are on the cusp of a new one, and we are looking for new players to fill our ranks.

Some people who might want to join the game will wish to play Marines. There are no Marines in this game. Why? Well, I once wrote a blog article about it, but to keep it brief here I do not see a need for them. Marines simply are not necessary in this game. Neither are civilians. This is not a Galaxy class star ship, it is not a cruise liner. There are no families or civilians on board.

What about non-canon races? You are going to have to work very, very hard to convince me. I have seen some ridiculous races role played in games and I do not want to deal with fictional species.

What about canon races, what can you play? I am flexible..up to a point. No ultra powerful races like the Q. No recovered Borg. If you want to play a Trill, surprised me and play one that isn’t joined to a symbiote. You want to play an obscure species like an Angosian super soldier? Ain’t gonna happen.

What can you expect? I do not want this to be a game about war but at the same time I know people like action and adventure and that is what I am hoping to provide. I hope to provide some problem solving and mystery as well. If you would like to know more, please visit the site:


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June 2024
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