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I guess this might qualify as a feature request...

I'm getting really frustrated with the site's wildly inconsistent design. Having "public" parts of a campaign use fixed width layout while non-public parts use a flexible layout... Buttons being different sizes... All of this adds up to a pretty serious usability problem.

I get the idea: Making a clear separation between the public and non-public areas. But this is just a mess. Having the sidebar-menu jump around, buttons changing sizes, it just makes it uncomfortable to navigate the various campaign sections.

So here's my feature request: Make a consistent layout. Use color schemes or similar visual cues to signal if the current section is public or not.

If there are people who enjoy the current idiocy, add a setting to let people choose between the weird, bad design and the consistent, good one. =)

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January 2022
Lakes of Blood and Ash

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