Looking for Players: Pokemon Tabletop United (online)


Hello everyone!

I am currently looking for 2-3 players who would like to play Pokemon Tabletop United ( http://pokemontabletop.com). The campaign would be meant to emulate in game/anime light toned stories by doing the gym challenge in a team, as suggested by the rulebook. 

The campaign would be played online, and we will use voice chat so a microphone that can be clearly understood is a must, no need for a higher audio fidelity so long as you are intellegible. Similarly earphones or headphones will be needed.


-The character creation process will start when enough players gather, and the campaign the thursday after everyone has made their characters. 

-The campaign will be played thursdays at 9:00 PM CST(UTC-6)

-The game itself won't offer much to people who are not interested and familiarized with Pokémon, as its mechanics require at least passable knowledge of the Pokémon universe in question. Everything can be explained in case someone really wants to play the game to get into the series or something of the sort, but otherwise, it would be prefferable for people that join to enjoy Poké in the first place.

-Please message me if you are interested!

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