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  • kwiebe227
    Posts: 5

    Any update on easily searching/linking existing campaign wiki/character pages via the CkEditor? Until that feature is added, it sounds like a number of people, myself included, will be sticking with the textile editor. 

    Overall Thoughts on CkEditor

    Textile editor had ~18 buttons to choose from (6 of which were just headings). CkEditor has ~85! You shouldn't have 85 buttons on a page, let alone just on the editor. Despite what you can do with it, it doesn't seem like it was user-tested at all. 

    A fundamental piece of a wiki is the ability to link between pages. The CkEditor actually removes this easy functionality that the textile editor had. Without some major updates, the CkEditor just seems like a step in the wrong direction. 

    That being said, it was the right decision to allow people to choose the editor they prefer.

  • jackjallopigpen
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    The Textile version gives little for customization in comparison to CKEditor, but CKEditor makes linking pages a whole hassle. Both sides are lacking. Just integrate the button systems from Textile, and follow through on the images posted in this thread earlier, otherwise, OP quickly becomes another mediocre campaign site when it should honestly be #1.

  • rayguncourtesan
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    It'd be nice to eliminate the forced line breaks between indents of bulleted lists. 


  • cgregory
    Posts: 780

    @jackjallopigpen the textile version allows for far more customization than the CKEditor does. In fact, there isn't a single campaign of the month that has used CKEditor all of them have used the texttile editor.

    The textile editor does require more knowledge of texttile, html and css in order to fully use however.

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  • weasel0
    Posts: 435

    Exactly as cgregory says. If you try to code html or textile while in the ckeditor, it'll chew up the html and won't realize the textile is coding. Often times, it'll even chew up code it made itself on later edits.

    The textile editor on the other hand is like old school notepad. No frills but does exactly what you tell it to. Word is great but clippy had to go!

  • Keryth987
    Posts: 1,039

    I only use the Textile editor. And that is with very little real coding knowledge. Almost everything I've done has either been borrowed form others, or discerned through trial and error. However, between it and the CSS, it is far too flexible, compared to the CKeditor, to not use.

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