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I just started with 5th ed and love it, I have spent many years running 3.x editions with groups up to 20. I would like to start running a campaign called Drow on the Move. Basic gist is the Drow are kidnaping and enslaving people from remote villages and putting them to work mining Mana Crytals. The drow have also enlisted the help of a necromancer to turn them into undead, as the undead dont need food, water, rest,  or air. the perfect slave labor!


I would like to use discord or similar apps/ programs to run my games. Eventualy i would like to do video and use a huge white board so players can use tactics, but i really want to start building my own boards/terrain when i get a few extra bucks here and there.

this is an example of what i eventually want to do. So, anyone with advice on materials, process, or brands definitely shoot me a line.



  • Bortas
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    There are tone of tutorials out there, youtubes "TheTerrainTutor" is one. There are a literal ton of facebook support groups. I'm rather fond of "Hirst Arts" myself. Click my sig imagine, check campaign logs: tons of pictures of our tables' terrain.

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