One character's DST cannot be edited


I have one character where I cannot edit the DST. I can remove it, but as soon as I add it back, it retains the values from before. If I change anything and click save, the screen refreshes and the changes are lost.

Anyone seen anything like this or know what might be causing it?


  • Kallak
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    There's definitely something amiss at the moment. Campaign content widths are off right now, and DSTs aren't saving. Hopefully support gets on this one in a hurry, as it's certainly causing some headaches.

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  • dragvandil013
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    Everyone in my campaign is having that problem right now. :/

  • weasel0
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    Everyone(period) is having issues with saving(and seems to be a few other things). Look around your sites for any oddities. There seem to have been some edits made and these bugs need to get squished.

    (Odd column widths seems to be another.)

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