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Hi all,

I'm french and, even if english is not a big problem for me, some of my players don't really like it... Actually, they can't really use character sheets in english. :(

I wanted to know if we could expect a french version, and if needed, I'll be glad to help build it.



  • cgregory
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    Bonjour Edhilion,

    All character sheets are built by users using DST rather than by Obsidian Portal.  You can look at DST development here.


    A number of my players just create their own character sheets using basic textile features and html or by posting screen shot images of their character sheets.

    Textile example


    An image screen shot example





    They are among us!


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  • Kallak
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    I would think you could simply "convert" a currently existing DST by just remaking it and changing the text to French. As long as you leave the indication as to who created the sheet originally, I'd assume that would be fine. You should message ChainsawXIV about it, he's the Inner Council member who manages the DST side of things.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • Edhilion
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    Ok, thank you very much guys. I'll see what I can do with DST and keep you in touch. ;)

  • liondriel
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    Just to add my two cents worth: A German localization would be rather welcome (not just of DST sheets, the whole portal) and I'd also be willing to help (I did a fair bit of work for a well-known RPG as a translator).

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