Star Trek: Aftermath, looking for players!

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Check out the link for full campaign details.  This is a heavy story based serial campaign, not episodic at all.  We use the FASA (fully updated) system and all game rules and materials are provided.  You need no expertise in the system, but it would be nice if you understood the Trek universe a bit.  This is a Federation campaign set roughly 2 years after tne Nemesis movie.

I am a very experienced GM and very experienced with this topic and system.  I don't run a GM Vs. Players campaign.  We need 2-6 more players, 2 minimum, to get started.  Looking at a Saturday afternoon/evening game played either weekly or bi-weekly online using the Roll20 system, which will work really well with this system.

If interested please contact me and give me an idea of your opinion of Trek, available times, and RPG experience.


Many thanks,


Your Evil Rat Bastard Trek GM


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    We're pretty much ready to start, have room for more people, need 1 more to get rolling.


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