[Kickstarter] Luminous Echo : The World Compendium - a systemless RPG fantasy settings book

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Hello, World! This is the team behind Luminous Echo : The World Compendium, a new system neutral RPG setting from the world famous Wen-M, well known artist of Anima: Beyond Fantasy! 

To start it off, Luminous Echo began as a concept MMO back in 2001, called Lux Aeternia. Over time the project was put on hold for financial reasons, but was never completely buried, work continued in fits and starts over the last decade or so with a lot of evolution to the basic ideas. 

For much of his career, Wen primarily worked as an artist for a variety of other games, but Luminous Echo is a world of his own design and creation, not merely his own vision of someone else’s world. A world he’s filled with an amazing selection of unique characters, brutal weapons, mysterious artifacts, and breath taking locations all lavishly illustrated by Wen and written by the writing team. 

Luminous Echo : The World Compendium is an RPG Setting that is entirely system neutral, but includes some recommended stats for characters, meaning you can take it in whole, or piece meal, and use it for you campaign in any system. All it’ll take is a little comparison between our generic stats and your preferred games system to make our materials useable. 

We’d like to invite you to have a look at our Kickstarter Campaign, as well as take field any questions you might have about us or our setting!

Our Kickstarter Campaign

Our Facebook Page

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