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I run my campaign on a virtual table top. And i save my maps out on the site under thier own wiki pages. (The map section just seemed wonky) It would be great if there was a way to make it so that when you click on an image it pops up to full screen .... and then ideally scalable with Cmnd+ "+" then close with escape or hitting an x in the corner. Maybe this is something that could be added already with HTML? Probably to advanced for my editing skills so far.



  • OPSupport
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    This is something which can easily be done via HTML today. You will find a lot of demos if you google around. 


  • byss66
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    Link the image to itself, but then modify the underlying HTML so that the link will open in a new tab/window. This is done with the "target" attribute set to "_blank". Example code:

    <a href=&quot/link-to-image.jpg" target="_blank">
    <img src=&quot/link-to-image.jpg">

    The key is to have the "href" value of the link match the value of "src" for the image, which should be already be in the code when you inserted the image via the editor buttons.

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