Looking to hide page elements from players.


Hello, I am looking to hide the "See all pages" link on the wiki page. 


I have also gotten it to hide most of the navigation links I don't want players having access to on every page but the "Dashboard" Is there a way to hide Nav Links on the player dashboard page as well? Or make it so that the "Home link at the bottom of the page doesn't send them there?


This is my Nav Menu on most pages.

Achieved via this code:

@#campaign-nav .dashboard-main-nav {display:none;}

#campaign-nav .front-page {display:none;}

#campaign-nav .forum {display:none;}

#campaign-nav .calendar{display:none;}

#campaign-nav .file-docker{display:none;}

#campaign-nav .characters{display:none;}

#campaign-nav .maps{display:none;}@


But it looks like this:

On the Dashboard page.



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